EduTech ISVs seem to favor Microsoft Cloud Technology

EduTech was a Hot segment already prior to COVID-19, and in the last 10 months, this has increased significantly. According to Holon IQ, EduTech Venture Capital has grown 32x since 2010, reaching a record $16.1B in 2020. Based on the industry’s historic growth, as well as short term and long term projected growth scores, EduTech (learning) is ranked number 12 in ISVWorld Top 100 Segments

Currently, ISVWorld covers more than 14,000 ISVs with EduTech products globally; for 7,300 EduTech is a core business. Our market demographics show 76% of these companies have cloud-based product(s), and a whopping 50% of them are part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

In addition to company and segment profiles, ISVWorld also tracks EduTech news: read for example about Otus’, a Chicago-based EduTech ISV, that launched a  New Education Partner Program with Google, or find EduTech funding rounds such as PurpleTutor raising about $300K in seed round from IvyCap Ventures and others.

 Bottomline: Using the ISVWorld platform you can discover many industry-related updates for  EduTech ISVs globally and gain useful insights on one of the hottest markets in 2020, and most likely in 2021. 


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