About ISVWorld


Not only do we serve over 90% of the Top 100 tech corporations globally, but also the smaller companies aiming to grow in software.
In addition, many suppliers to the software industry - such as cloud, hosting and payment providers - use our data to expand their ISV related business.
Our data helps them define their go-to-market strategy, optimize marketing efforts and improve sales efficiency.


We make sure your marketing and sales teams have access to the information necessary for success.
Our software industry specific classifications and machine learning algorithms are developed to improve data coverage and accuracy.
We also provide the scalability to build the largest database of software vendors globally.


René has over 20 years of experience in software and internet. He worked for eight years at Microsoft, mainly in Asia and the US. Prior to that he was part of the Open Systems Movement at OSF, later merged into The Open Group. More recently he lead all product development as well as M&A at Wolters Kluwer Europe. René is the founder of ISVWorld.


Mirna is our Growth Hacking and Marketing expert, responsible for combining our sales and engineering efforts and the end to end execution of our marketing campaigns.  Her backround is in psychology, with an MSc in Research Psychology from UVA. 


Sam is our CTO, responsible for developing the ISVWorld API, our machine learning algorithms and everything else in between. His background is in computer science, with a B.Sc. degree from Dublin City University in Ireland. Prior to ISVWorld he worked as an engineer at various startups in Amsterdam.


Ram is our Lead Front End Developer, responsible for the design, development and optimization of the ISVWorld websites. With a broad range of experience in Front End development and expertise in multiple technologies, he maintains our front end stack and ensures the best possible end user experience for our customers. With a B.Tech from Punjab Technical University, Ram previously worked as a Senior Developer at TCS.


Natalia is our Software Development and Data Science intern, helping us improve our machine learning tools and increase the accuracy of our data. Natalia has a background in Artificial Intelligence, with a B.S.c from University of Groningen.

Andres is our Front End Developer, helps us to improve the design and optimise the ISVWorld site. Andres has a background in , with a B.S.c from Universitat Politecnica de Valencia. Before joining ISVWorld Andres worked at another start up in Amsterdam.