De-Risking your SaaS-Migration while driving Revenue-Growth

On Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, ISVWorld participated in a webinar organized by Tech Data on how to master the SaaS journey and successfully move to the public cloud. 

During the webinar, 4 SaaS experts shared insights on the challenges for ISVs when moving from an on-prem to a SaaS model. A poll showed that 42% don’t have a SaaS roadmap in place, with Usage/Billing (67%), DevOps (42%), and Security (35%) being the key elements on such a roadmap. The majority of the respondents are already on a modernization path though, and the process is still ongoing.

  1. Matt Hamilton, Tech Data Cloud Solutions Team, introduced key elements and ecosystem needs of a modern SaaS application. He also highlighted the added value SaaS can bring to the customers of an ISV.
  2. Rene van Erk, CEO at ISVWorld, shared financial insights on both the challenges and risks for companies when transitioning to SaaS but also insights on new potential revenue sources for an ISV after moving to SaaS.
  3. Peter Hendrickx, Azure SMB Lead at Microsoft, explained the Azure benefits for ISVs moving to the cloud and elaborated on ways to protect your innovation in the cloud.
  4. Job Verhagen, CEO at Intercept, shared his insights regarding the ISV’s journey when migrating to Azure and what happens post-migration.
  5. Finally, the Tech Data Cloud Solutions Team provided input on the available technology solutions when building a SaaS model. 

Finally, the poll results showed that the challenge that impacts the most the execution of the plan for the adoption of the public cloud to enable a SaaS delivery model is the budget for most of the participants. 33% of the respondents are still in a planning phase or haven’t started yet. Also, there were few responses regarding security concerns or lack of a development team for the companies. 

In the last question, participants were asked about their key strategy to reach their 2021 growth objectives. 42% said that their plan includes actions such as increasing the sales of services bundled with their software solution. 33% of the respondents are planning to increase their SaaS software sales. 

Feel free to contact ISVWorld or Tech Data if:

  1. You are interested in a workshop to model your SaaS migration opportunity including the financial implications
  2. You are processing payments through your platform

 Bottomline: As cloud-migration is unavoidable anyhow, pick the partners that lower the migration risks and that can help you grow the revenue of your new solution.

EduTech ISVs seem to favor Microsoft Cloud Technology

EduTech was a Hot segment already prior to COVID-19, and in the last 10 months, this has increased significantly. According to Holon IQ, EduTech Venture Capital has grown 32x since 2010, reaching a record $16.1B in 2020. Based on the industry’s historic growth, as well as short term and long term projected growth scores, EduTech (learning) is ranked number 12 in ISVWorld Top 100 Segments

Currently, ISVWorld covers more than 14,000 ISVs with EduTech products globally; for 7,300 EduTech is a core business. Our market demographics show 76% of these companies have cloud-based product(s), and a whopping 50% of them are part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

In addition to company and segment profiles, ISVWorld also tracks EduTech news: read for example about Otus’, a Chicago-based EduTech ISV, that launched a  New Education Partner Program with Google, or find EduTech funding rounds such as PurpleTutor raising about $300K in seed round from IvyCap Ventures and others.

 Bottomline: Using the ISVWorld platform you can discover many industry-related updates for  EduTech ISVs globally and gain useful insights on one of the hottest markets in 2020, and most likely in 2021. 


New Market research in EMR and HealthTech

HealthTech is ranked number 7 in our Top 100 Hot ISV segments, with 1,300 recent product launches. Based on ISVWorld data, there are 19,136 HealthTech ISVs in the US. California is the leader in the US HealthTech industry with more than 4,200 software vendors, followed by New York with 1,323 companies. You can find additional updates such as the Trends and Top Companies in the Cloud-based EMR Software, as well as read about the Risks and Digital Transformation for Healthcare companies in 2021 in ISVWorld platform. 

To gain a better understanding of these companies and their business, look at the applications they develop, the (sub-)industries they belong to, and the ecosystems they are part of. For example, 52% of these ISVs have developed Data Management applications, and 47% ERP and Process Management applications. 

 Bottomline: The coronavirus pandemic has created both challenges and new opportunities for growth for the industry: get more insights by analyzing over 16,000 news items regarding COVID-19 on our platform, of which 2,400 are related to HealthTech.


SAAS earnings... COVID tailwinds only?

SoftwareEquityGroup analysed SaaS Earnings and found most were beating FY20Q1 guidance but lowered Full Year guidance, Autodesk even by 8%. In contrast, Big Data stocks like Splunk, ARR up 52% YoY, and Alteryx, ARR YoY up 43%, showing solid earnings as well. Areas like content delivery soar (Fastly), and obviously Shopify and Zoom doing well.

  Bottomline: Many SaaS ISVs active in digital transformation and remote work seem to benefit as expected from Covid, but are providing a cautious outlook. Those in more traditional industries do feel pain.

In FinTech: Wirecard's challenges... Create opportunities?

Challenges create opportunities... so I2inc creates a migration package to help Wirecard clients transition.In other PaymentTech, Ezlynx insurance agency software partners with Clearent to create incremental revenue streams.

  Bottomline: Read more Fintech here or contact us to learn how ISVs can create profitable payment revenue.

June big Tech acquisition update

In Big Tech Acquisitions, Fleetsmith customers are unhappy as Apple discontinued services right after the acquisition. Microsoft bought CyberX to boost IoT security for its Azure cloud, HPE acquires Software-Defined-Wan leader Silver Peak. Netapp acquires Spot cloud resource optimization.In other acquisitions, Germany’s Matrix42 acquires Firescope in virtualization, Mozenda and Dexi are merging to bring scraping and Data intelligence together.

  Bottomline: Find >130 june Software acquisitions here. Also, read CBInsights list of FAMGA 1B$+ acquisitions.

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Another month in FinTech & Payment-Tech

BaseCommerce acquires merchant accounts from LucentPay as larger players continue to buy growth and focused niche- innovation. Similarly, Boston FinTech Airfox was acquired by Brazilian retail giant Via Varejo. Revance Biotech is targeting a 56B$ payments opportunity by acquiring the HintMD payment platform  and Ontario revenue management enters Consumer Payments through the SwervePay PayFac acquisition.

  Bottomline: Any ISV, any VC, any (D365) reseller should evaluate payment revenue opportunities. Contact us for free advice or read more here.

Healthcare AI funding continues collects $16.7M series C for their AI-powered telehealth platform, CathVision (Denmark) adds €13M to enhance their AI cardiac platform, PathologyWatch gets 5M$ to work on supervised AI for cancer lines, Dyno Therapeutics gets 9M$ to apply AI to gene therapy. Owkin raises $25M to expand AI-powered cancer research into COVID19.

  Bottomline: Read (200) more H1-2020 AI powered healthcare funding rounds.

May Acquisition update

Cisco’s push into software continued with a $1B ThousandEyes acquisition, Omnitracks fleet management acquires Vistracks to add BI functions for an SMB play. PKware, the inventors of ZIP, were acquired by TSCP PE. And, following up on our April newsletter, read SeekingAlpha on NVIDIA buy & trading and Alphabet/Youtube value.

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“2 years of Digital Transformation in 2 months”

Not only Microsoft reported accelerating Digital transformation: others like Prodigy innovate digital (car) sales platform, the UK government focuses tech-spending on enabling mobile & flexible work. In funding, Paradox collects $40M funding to accelerate “Future of Work” AI-enablement in HR and Groove collects $12M for remote-working enabled sales engagement.

  Bottomline: Read 500 more recent news items on Digital Transformation” and “Future of Work”.

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