New Market research in EMR and HealthTech

HealthTech is ranked number 7 in our Top 100 Hot ISV segments, with 1,300 recent product launches. Based on ISVWorld data, there are 19,136 HealthTech ISVs in the US. California is the leader in the US HealthTech industry with more than 4,200 software vendors, followed by New York with 1,323 companies. You can find additional updates such as the Trends and Top Companies in the Cloud-based EMR Software, as well as read about the Risks and Digital Transformation for Healthcare companies in 2021 in ISVWorld platform. 

To gain a better understanding of these companies and their business, look at the applications they develop, the (sub-)industries they belong to, and the ecosystems they are part of. For example, 52% of these ISVs have developed Data Management applications, and 47% ERP and Process Management applications. 

 Bottomline: The coronavirus pandemic has created both challenges and new opportunities for growth for the industry: get more insights by analyzing over 16,000 news items regarding COVID-19 on our platform, of which 2,400 are related to HealthTech.


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