202104 Jan

The six big risks for 2021 – other than you know what! Healix Risk Oracle report for 2021 identifies six key risks beyond the pandemic


Supply Chain Disruption - The highly complex logistical webs that make up the global economy have predominantly been designed with cost and efficiency in mind. More worrisome, attacks targeting government infrastructure are on the rise, and any cyber breaches in this space could have unprecedented implications. Decay of the ‘social contract’ - Mounting frustrations over inequality, cynicism of perceived corrupt political elites, and distrust of wider civil society including the media and big business amid the pandemic of ‘Fake News’ are likely to lead to increased public agitation and worsening levels of political cohesion. Overlay this expectation with a new and as yet undefined normal and a global drive for economic growth, the need for robust organisational resilience plans is clear. “With our deep-rooted, in-house medical and security expertise underpinned by modern technology, Healix offers a single-source comprehensive, compelling and powerful risk solution for 2021 and beyond.”

Source: Globalsecuritymag