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CR2 Blog » Blog Archive » LISWire: ByWater Solutions partners with Theke Solutions and iii to launch INN-Reach integration with Koha


When patrons make requests from that INN-Reach server, data pushes directly into Koha easily allowing staff to manage borrowing and lending. About INN-Reach INN-Reach, a resource-sharing tool by About Innovative Interfaces, Inc., is a cost-saving borrowing solution for libraries that conveniently gives patrons access to more materials and a better discovery experience. This user-initiated consortial borrowing system enables participating libraries to dramatically increase the number of materials they offer, reduce fulfillment time, and raise their profile and visibility in their user communities. ByWater Solutions has a proven track record in first-rate implementation and support services with library systems of all sizes for the Koha ILS, Aspen Discovery, Folio LSP, Coral ERM, and Libki PC Management. Partnering with ByWater Solutions not only lowers the cost of implementation and maintenance of OSS, but more importantly empowers libraries by giving them the flexibility and freedom they deserve.

Source: Cr2