What companies are in ISVWorld database?

ISVWorld aims to cover every company that develops and commercializes standard software products and software-IP. However, as all our data is compter-generated rather than manually curated, coverage of a Software Vendor (ISV) starts only when sufficient information about a company is available online.

A generally accepted definition of an ISV (Independent Software Vendor, also known as software publisher) on Techopedia is the following: An individual or business that builds, develops and sells consumer or enterprise software. Although ISV-provided software is consumed by end users, it remains the property of the vendor. See also: http://www.techopedia.com/definition/140/independent-software-vendor-isv.

Below are a few examples of what companies are included in ISVWorld and why:

  • SAP: an example of a well known software company that develops and sells software and software-related services. This type of companies represents almost 80% of our database
  • HP: an example of a well-known IT-company that has amongst others software products in its portfolio
  • Infosys: an example of an IT-services company that includes however a significant software-business with for example Financial Services software
  • Accenture: An IT-services and consulting company that also includes a number of software products, both developed in-house as well as obtained through acquisitions
  • ABB: may be best known for their power and robotics engineering, but their automation business includes a software business that is sometimes estimated at around 300M
  • Agfa: around 25% of Agfa's business is actually in healthcate software
  • Content management providers that have developed their own CMS - Content Management system - and productize that CMS

Below a few examples of company types that are NOT included:

  • Resellers: that only sell third party software and do not develop their own software
  • Hosters and cloud platform providers that only use third party software for their hosting or cloud platforms
  • System Integrators that do not have their own IP but only develop and/or implement third party software
  • Software development companies that only offer bespoke (custom) development projects but that do not productize software

Please note that when companies are ranked by size, we take their TOTAL size (revenue) into account, not only their software business.

What is included in a company/contact export file?

When making a download the data is always received in a csv file. When downloading both company and contact information, you will receive them in two separate csv files (one for company and one for contact data).

A basic Company export file will contain the following information: Company name, Website URL, Address (Street, Zip code, City, Country), Company phone numbers and email addresses, 3-5 main areas of activity, Size, Number of employees, Link to the full vendor profile @ISVWorld,Twitter and Facebook page link.

A basic Contact export file will contain the following information: First and last name, Job title, Seniority, Company name and website URL, Address, Email address and/or Phone number (depending on what you choose), Last updated date. 

What is the difference between an online and an exported vendor profile?

Exported vendor profile contains the basic information about a company and you receive it in a csv. format for easy import into your CRM or other software (see next FAQ item).

Online profile contains much more information about the company (e.g. descriptions, industries, application types, ecosystems). Here you can also directly access individual contact information and find other companies similar to this one. See below examples of Online and Exported company profile.

Example 1: Online Company Profile

Example 2: Exported Company Profile

How many company/contact exports (downloads) can I make?

The amount of company and contact downloads/exports depends on your subscription type and is calculated annually per subscription (not per user). Click here to see more details per subscription.

For one company credit you obtain profile/information of one company. Please note that contact details (e.g., name, email address, phone number) are not included in a company download and are a part of a contact download, covered by contact credits. For more details see FAQ item "What is included in a company/contact export file".

You will receive the downloaded data in a csv file. When downloading both company and contact data you receive two separate files (one for company and one for contact downloads) to facilitate import in your CRM or marketing software tool. If needed, additional company and/or contact credits can be purchased with any subscription.

Do you offer monthly or quarterly subscriptions?

Unfortunately we do not offer monthly or quarterly subscriptions, we offer annual subscriptions only.

However, if you need more time to evaluate after your initial free trial has expired, please do contact us and we can always see if something can be arranged to meet your best interests. Additionally, depending on your needs and requirements we can potentially work together on a custom project to get you the data you need.

Can I change the account owner and subscription users?

Changing the account owner is complex and can be done only under certain conditions. If you would like to change the account owner of your subscription, please contact us on info@isvworld.com. 

It is possible to change the users on a subscription. However, please be aware of our terms & conditions below.

Our terms and conditions state the following:

  • ISVWorld works with named users, not with concurrent users. Hence, each User License (seat) enables access to the product by 1 (one) named user representing a single client user. If a named user had to be removed from the access list (s)he can be replaced by a new user, but (s)he is blocked and can never be added back in.
  • Access to the ISVWorld database shall be controlled by ISVWorld through the use of username/password combinations for named users, is strictly named users only and will be controlled a/o through IP addresses. Username and password sharing is not allowed.
  • Access is limited to employees of the company who has bought the subscription.

Account owner can assign/remove users directly through the platform (Dashboard -> Subusers). After this, if the added user aleady exists in our system (s)he will be directly added to the subscription. If the added user is not yet registered (s)he will receve an email to set-up and verify their account. 

How do I add additional users to my subscription?

In case your needs exceed the number of users included in your subscription, the account owner (person who initiates the contract and processes the payment) can buy additional user seats Dashboard -> Subusers. Additionally, using this same interface, the account owner can assign users to open seats on the contract. Alternatively, you can contact ISVWorld and ask us to activate incremental users for a subscription.

Payment process and methods

Account activation: All accounts are activated automatically upon confirmation of the payment. As a result, payment by credit card is the fastest route to getting full online access since the activation code from our backoffice/payment provider will be sent directlly upon completion of the transaction.

Payment methods: All major credit cards as well as bank transfers are possible. Credit card payments are usually active within 24 hours, subscriptions through bank transfers will be activated once the payment has been received.
IMPORTANT - Credit cards: Usually, a subscription paid by a credit card is activated within a few minutes (but can take up to 24 hours). If this process takes longer you may want to check with your credit card company. Card transactions for large amounts, online and international, are sometimes blocked by the card provider and marked as suspicious. If that is not the case, please contact us.

IMPORTANT - Bank transfers: When you do a bank transfer, please make sure that you use the full reference details to ensure automatic activation.