Next Hot Segment Trend for 2022: Manufacturing

The fifth and last Industry on our 2022 Trends list is Manufacturing. This week we collected some of the hottest Trends and features of the segment to close the series.


The need for better Asset Management- In 2022, we expect better software enabling, the creation of multilevel work orders, bills of material management, manufacture orders, and more. In ISVWorld you can find companies like NEXGEN Asset Management.

Industry 4.0 –  also called the fourth manufacturing revolution, will start to become true. Business decision software enabling better decision making through real-time IoT data collection (combining IoT Edge data and Business data), integrating & combining data analytics on both a facility and organizational level.

Predictive maintenance -  proactive approach to maintenance saves time, optimizes workforce productivity, reduces costs and improves revenue. Manufacturers investments in technology enabling this, such as better asset tracking software and IoT, will start paying of in 2022.

Smart manufacturing - the umbrella term for manufacturers that are able to combine various technologies –e.g., AI, VR, ML, 3D printing – thus enabling both productivity and quality to reach optimal capacity usage, will become a reality for early adopters in 2022. Find in our platform, bigger and smaller players, like Innovar Systems, that can make a difference.


IoT – a wide variety of IoT applications including energy management in production, predictive maintenance to reduce machine downtime, identifying production bottlenecks, and boosting operations will become a mainstream reality in 2022.

AR/VR – Mixed reality software adoption will grow, to be used for training simulations, model and detect potential hazards or other machinery issues, developing better products through better digital product models that can be prototyped and tested virtually.

3D printing - will enable optimization of labor and time-intensive processes: faster turnaround time, less wasted materials,  working prototypes of products in less time than was possible a few years ago.

Find here the Manufacturing ecosystem data and the latest relevant news for the industry. Let us know if you have any questions or hit us with more Trends and Features we missed.


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