Next Hot Segment Trend for 2022: AI & Machine Learning

What’s a more appropriate start to 2022 than talking about AI & Machine Learning!

The recent adoption of earlier advancements in AI has brought about big changes in tech in recent years, from image recognition to developments in HealthTech and Smart Manufacturing, and now even software development itself is starting to benefit.

Alongside machine learning (ML), SaaS companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized services, automate internal processes, and improve security. In addition, AI and ML algorithms enhance responsiveness and interaction between business, customers, and SaaS technology in a variety of business scenarios.

Let’s check some of the hottest trends and features that we expect to have an impact in 2022:


The AI and Machine Learning models use huge volumes of data and these models will continue to expand and draw on even greater data sets to make increasingly accurate decisions. Quantum computing is expected to start helping with this, and in ISVWorld you can find vendors like Quantum Software Solutions and Quantum software S.A.

Automated machine learning (AutoML) - promising aspects of automated machine learning in 2022 include improved tools for data-labelling and more automated tuning of neural net architectures.

OpenAI - Until recently AI was mostly applied to streamline isolated processes related to data, image and linguistic analytics, ideal for usage in financial, retail or healthcare industries as well as for clearly defined repetitive isolated tasks. More recently OpenAI is evolving, for example through the development of new models called DALL·E and CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training) able to combine language and images to generate new visual designs from text descriptions.


Error Management - in software development, by providing past data and software analytics to your AI-powered programming assistant, it can learn from experience and identify common errors. Error management is responsible for most downtime in software development, especially if you run a software as a service (SaaS) or a cloud-based platform-as-a-service.

Project management – Tech companies will start in 2022 to use AI to improve project management; a number of startups have introduced tools that apply advanced analytics to the data from large numbers of prior software projects to predict the technical tasks, engineering resources, and timelines that new software projects require.

The software development landscape is changing faster through AI than ever due to AI-based Error Checking and Better Project Management. Read here the full blog and discover more company profiles and the latest updates of the AI & Machine Learning industry.


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