Next Hot Segment Trend for 2022: HealthTech

With almost 2 years of global pandemic, HealthTech industry has experienced various tech advancements. Here are only some of the bigger ones:

 Market Trends:

1. Telehealth market is expected to grow beyond $185 billion by 2026. Telehealth enables expanded healthcare access, reduced contact, care for urgent non-COVID-19 conditions and continuity of care. Patient adoption is critical. WebRTC is critical for telemedicine apps that also need security, location services, appointment management, video/audio communication, secure messaging, provider reviews, visit history, and wireless testing through wearable integration.

2. Medical IoT (IoMT) is one of the fastest-growing digital health trends in 2021 (28.6% CAGR this year) which uses wearable devices, monitors, and is integrated with health applications. The goal is to develop medical equipment that reduces human oversight. By 2025, 30% of the IoT market share will come from health. IoMT enables remote monitoring, convenience & accessibility and cost savings.

Hot Features by Market:

1. Infectious Disease Management Biological software” enabled research to create mRNA COVID-19 and other vaccines and treatments faster and at lower costs. Testing for infectious diseases outside traditional healthcare settings will be made easier. AI and Predictive analytics are crucial to develop a scientific understanding of incubation and spread of infectious diseases.

2. Data: Interoperability, Big Data, Predictive Analytics - increased data interoperability between different EHR platforms and other healthcare systems is critical, for example in vaccination tracking. Widespread Electronic health record (EHR) systems enable accumulation and analytics on massive arrays of data (anonymized), used to find medical patterns and trends, allowing science to discover new correlations between demographics, ecology, economy, etc. and health conditions.

3. Claims processing – Again pandemic driven, as the need to automate healthcare processes. Billing, insurance discussions, and prescriptions must be handled online, needing interoperable EHR/EMR systems and even IoT devices.

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