2022 Hot Trends and Industries in Software - FinTech

Today we start our series: Hot Trends and Industries we expect to continue growing and gaining traction in 2022 and beyond.

The first place belongs to FinTech & Banking. Here are some of the Biggest Trends & Segment Features that we think are here to stay.

Market Trends:

  1. In Regtech we expect huge growth in AI/machine learning usage to scale compliance, as the technology moves from pilots and development into mainstream deployments. Financial risk management software provides a real-time database of risk exposure and account positions. Check in our platform RegTech companies like Alyne and Suade.
  2. In Payments - Payment processing software moves beyond processing into dispute resolution features and broad adoption of Fraud protection tools to solve billing mismatches. Finally, Analytics tools that provide insights to ISVs (and their clients) whose software includes payment processing are becoming more mainstream.
  3. FinTools for Business - from Expense management to tools that can create Virtual credit cards for teams, software that integrates management of Invoicing and payments like Due and Expensify

Hot Features by Market:

  1. Lending market- Loan origination software is designed to handle multi-channel loan requests and facilitates interactions between borrowers, partners, and lenders. Online direct-to-consumers (B2C) business models are evolving, more Q&A driven, so usually the software includes form management tools
  2. Personal Finance Market - Online B2C banking tools like Revolut enable customers to load transactions and transmit easier to other accounts. Currency exchange/support using real-time exchange data is growing; Reporting tools and charts provide information and forecasts on consumer spending behavior. Balance forecasting allows users to predict their future account balances
  3. InsurTech - Software to enable selling and Servicing direct-to-consumers (B2C) business models is growing, as is Insurance CRM/Insurance Agency software to streamline agency workflows. Check Lemonade and more InsurTech ISVs in the ISVWorld platform

In our platform, you can build FinTech datasets and use the filters to best define the market you are targeting. Stay tuned for more trends next week…




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