New feature launch: Payments Ecosystem

The power dynamics in the payments industry are changing as businesses and consumers shift from cash and checks to digital payment methods. According to Insider, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated digitization in the payments industry by two to three years. Online retail sales surged to $794.50 billion, a record-breaking 14.4% of total US retail in 2020.

To help its clients identify and target ISVs that are likely to already be processing payments through their software, ISVWorld recently launched the Payments Ecosystem. Using the Payments filter, available in our data platform, the users are able to better identify, target, and message the right ISVs. Distinguishing between the ISVs with and without already integrated payments can lead to better results in lead generation and prospecting.

At the moment we are profiling 23K FinTech & Banking Software vendors in the Payments Ecosystem, 18K Retail ISVs, 14.7K active in Manufacturing, 14K in HealthTech, 10K in Hospitality, and it goes on...

What you can find under the Payments ecosystem in the ISVWorld platform: 

  1. The big players 

Fiserv, Stripe, Elavon, FIS, Adyen, JP morgan, Square, Heartland, etc.

  1. Over 50K ISVs with software that processes payments globally.

This is an exciting time for the payments industry. The Payments ecosystem is rapidly changing due to the introduction of new payment methods, mergers and acquisitions, and new technologies. 

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