What Cloud solutions ISVs have in place?

During our survey, we asked ISVs what cloud solution they have in place; the results show a clear split. Around half of the businesses are using a Single Cloud approach, and the other half is taking a Multi-Cloud approach. But why is this?

ISVs reported the pros and the cons for each approach as follows:

Single Cloud Pros

1.       A single cloud strategy is the easiest way to manage and monitor your environment.

2.       Single Cloud gives more control over your application lifecycle management.

3.       Having a single cloud platform will make it easier to develop in-house expertise.

Single Cloud Cons

1.       Limited technology support and/or technology choices

2.       Missing out on customers on other clouds/marketplaces.

Multi-Cloud Pros

1.       Various vendors out there to choose from, with Microsoft and AWS being the most popular.

2.       Flexibility of using familiar tools.

3.       Better customer reach, as there is more visibility.

Multi-Cloud Cons

1.       Difficulty finding/developing the right skillset(s). Often businesses that are migrating to a multi-cloud approach don’t have all of the specific skills in house

2.       It’s very time-consuming to monitor different cloud environments.

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