Where exactly are ISVs selling their applications?

The cloud enables ISVs to publish their application(s) in marketplaces - expose their business to reach new customers. Most of the ISVs we spoke to are already using an App Service or Marketplace to sell their application.

Especially younger ISVs tend to use multiple App Services and grow through different channels. Selling your application on an App Service will allow you to leverage the scale of global vendors such as Microsoft, if you are using Azure, to get your application seen.

But which 4 concrete benefits do ISVs typically see when using a Marketplace:

a.       Reach new markets at scale: The Marketplaces, and hence your application, can be found by anyone with an internet connection.

b.       Increase sales, generate new leads: Following from a) as you reach new prospects eventually this drives increased sales from markets you can’t reach individually

c.       Improved sales process: Offering a standard pre-packaged solution in a marketplace with automated billing and other services included optimizes the sales process.

d.       Better customer processes: Most marketplace customers know how the marketplace operates and standardized service and support is a win-win situation for you and for your clients. 

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