How development teams are driving the migration to the cloud?

Part of the research we conducted focused on identifying the tools and actions development teams have taken in order to adopt the cloud. These are the 3 main reasons we found that are key to making it happen: 

Improving skills. On the one hand, moving an application to the public cloud means some infrastructure-heavy lifting is an inherent part of a Cloud platform and requires less focus. But Development teams need to (1) learn how to make the application itself behave like a natural Cloud application and (2) their focus needs to shift to understanding how to leverage the tools and infrastructure available to build the best product possible.

Continuous Integration and Deployment. CICD is a popular concept amongst ISVs to help ensure the code you write will get to your users quickly and safely – helping you deliver greater value at shorter intervals, making a Dev team more agile. This change in mindset needs to start on day 1.

Working in a DevOps model. Following a DevOps cycle is another process that enables ISVs to spend more time innovating the product (rather than spending time fixing and maintaining your app), resolving any issues quickly, and having a more stable operating environment for the application.

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