Why are businesses adopting the Cloud in 2021?

ISVWorld and Cloud Direct partnered to discover insights on how ISVs have adopted the cloud today and understand their future cloud and growth plan alignment. 

We learned there continues to be a shift in mindset across ISVs when it comes to the cloud. The majority of businesses are now fully operating in the cloud, which includes building, deploying, and selling their applications in the cloud. According to the answers, this shift happens because

a.      The cloud enables more sustainable growth. Cloud provides ISVs with an opportunity to scale their applications more easily and as a result, have more stable and sustainable growth

b.     The cloud provides more predictable revenue. Not a new trend but surprisingly revenue predictability continues to improve in midsize ISVs, most likely because more services are being built into the subscription model

c.      ISVs are looking for new ways to scale and enter new markets. Scale and easier integration enables ISVs to find growth in adjacent segments and new market(ing) partnerships

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