De-Risking your SaaS-Migration while driving Revenue-Growth

On Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, ISVWorld participated in a webinar organized by Tech Data on how to master the SaaS journey and successfully move to the public cloud. 

During the webinar, 4 SaaS experts shared insights on the challenges for ISVs when moving from an on-prem to a SaaS model. A poll showed that 42% don’t have a SaaS roadmap in place, with Usage/Billing (67%), DevOps (42%), and Security (35%) being the key elements on such a roadmap. The majority of the respondents are already on a modernization path though, and the process is still ongoing.

  1. Matt Hamilton, Tech Data Cloud Solutions Team, introduced key elements and ecosystem needs of a modern SaaS application. He also highlighted the added value SaaS can bring to the customers of an ISV.
  2. Rene van Erk, CEO at ISVWorld, shared financial insights on both the challenges and risks for companies when transitioning to SaaS but also insights on new potential revenue sources for an ISV after moving to SaaS.
  3. Peter Hendrickx, Azure SMB Lead at Microsoft, explained the Azure benefits for ISVs moving to the cloud and elaborated on ways to protect your innovation in the cloud.
  4. Job Verhagen, CEO at Intercept, shared his insights regarding the ISV’s journey when migrating to Azure and what happens post-migration.
  5. Finally, the Tech Data Cloud Solutions Team provided input on the available technology solutions when building a SaaS model. 

Finally, the poll results showed that the challenge that impacts the most the execution of the plan for the adoption of the public cloud to enable a SaaS delivery model is the budget for most of the participants. 33% of the respondents are still in a planning phase or haven’t started yet. Also, there were few responses regarding security concerns or lack of a development team for the companies. 

In the last question, participants were asked about their key strategy to reach their 2021 growth objectives. 42% said that their plan includes actions such as increasing the sales of services bundled with their software solution. 33% of the respondents are planning to increase their SaaS software sales. 

Feel free to contact ISVWorld or Tech Data if:

  1. You are interested in a workshop to model your SaaS migration opportunity including the financial implications
  2. You are processing payments through your platform

 Bottomline: As cloud-migration is unavoidable anyhow, pick the partners that lower the migration risks and that can help you grow the revenue of your new solution.

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