The Bad Data challenge

Structured research for origination is difficult with no other market analyst or company data provider covering more than 3,000 ISVs. Desktop research is time consuming, at the expense of networking time. Decisions on segment attractiveness, both for roll-ups as well as individual investments, require good quality data. This ensures seeing the big picture and avoids missing opportunities. 

ISVWorld approach

Successful origination starts with high quality data. In addition, scale drives efficiency; with our tool covering over 170k ISVs and tracking ~600 data points for each of them, ISVWorld provides the Market Intelligence for informed data driven origination. Application types, ecosystems (e.g., Open source, SaaS) and tech sectors (e.g., FinTech, EdTech) are some of the industry specific filters we provide. In addition, our proprietary private company sizing algorithms provides a revenue range for companies that do not publish annual numbers.

Recently, a client used ISVWorld to profile the Education segment for roll-up potential and since then made 2 acquisitions in this space.