202121 Sep

Siemens launches AI solution to fight industrial cybercrime


However, when you create networks and bring devices online, you run the risk of allowing threat actors access unless adequate protection is in place. As IoT continues to accelerate and operational technology (OT) becomes smarter, companies need to make sure they manage and secure endpoints and industrial networks to mitigate the risk of damage, data theft, and disruption caused by external entities. On Tuesday, Siemens said a new offering, dubbed Eos.ii -- not to be confused with the blockchain protocol EOS.IO -- is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform that "provides CISOs with an evergreen foundation for industrial IoT cybersecurity." "As new threats emerge, Eos.ii seamlessly integrates their known characteristics into automated defenses, and allows for easy manual updates to its rules-based detection engine," the company says. Siemens has produced a whitepaper (.PDF) describing the impact of IIoT cyberattacks and Eos.iis place in protecting todays industrial systems.

Source: Zdnet