202216 Jan

Report: Innovative New Robotics at PACK EXPO Las Vegas


“The last 18 months had driven huge demand for AMRs like autonomous forklifts, but adoption has been held up by both safety concerns and performance-driven ROI,” says Daniel Theobald, founder and chief innovation officer, Vecna Robotics. “It could be tubs, cartons, jugs, whatever you need.” Once cases are loaded and need to be closed, the floor model used top and bottom Dekka tape heads, but the machine offers a hot melt glue-seal option as well. According to Patrick McDermott, President of B&R Automation, both products seek to help end-users navigate as trends from the consumer market such as mass customization and increasing small batch orders trickle down to the industrial world. Also a highlight at the PACK EXPO booth was Fanuc’s DR-3iB/8L food-grade delta robot, which used 3DV iRVision and iRPickTool line tracking software to pick randomly oriented pieces of chicken from a continuous infeed conveyor. Yaskawa Motoman’s robotic automation and Mujin’s patented 3D perception system with motion planning AI technology combine to highlight fast and precise picking of various shapes, materials, and packaging patterns.

Source: Packworld