202117 Nov

Revinate, a leader in omni-channel direct booking platforms for the hospitality industry, acquires Go Moment


Revinates mission is to deliver hoteliers scalable direct revenue and profits from data-driven solutions that cultivate deeper relationships with guests. Hoteliers love how Ivy automates nearly 60% of guest requests with her AI-driven, real time responses, streamlining both staffing and service delivery. “I am delighted to join Revinate in accelerating our hospitality industry’s bright future by building the ultimate omni-channel direct booking platform. To get that another way, I’d probably have to double my staff or do something else extraordinary.” - Michael Marino, former Chief Experience Officer at Caesars Entertainment "Revinate empowers our small marketing team by saving us time so we can do so much more than we could otherwise. Ivy, their AI powered digital concierge, routinely delivers high ROI to hotels while delighting guests.

Source: Prweb