202118 Sep

New SKU Analysis & SKU Forecasting Whitepapers Released to Retail Industry Insiders


Bradenton, FL, September 18, 2021 --( PR.com )-- Accelerated Analytics has released two new retail industry whitepapers detailing many of the most sought-after calculations that brand manufacturers seek as they begin to receive and navigate the latest post-COVID POS and consumer purchasing behavior data.“Improving Performance with SKU Analysis” and “Improving Performance with SKU Forecasting” have now been made freely available to industry insiders looking to gain a better understanding of these staple metrics and include a brief history of the formulas, a how-to guide, and basic processes to implement the formulas/approaches into brand operations.“For nearly 20 years, we’ve been helping global brands better understand their US Brick & Mortar POS data, and from this position, we’ve helped our customers realize the impact of SKU Analysis and SKU Forecasting,” said Chad Symens, President Accelerated Analytics. Symens continued, “With these two documents, we’re now reaching out to a broader audience, offering our insights and thought leadership to our peers in the industry.”“Improving Performance with SKU Analysis” and “Improving Performance with SKU Forecasting” have now made available on Accelerated Analytics website as PDF downloads that offer the calculations and overviews in both text and visual format so that brand teams of all backgrounds can gain better understanding of their brand data and operations.Accelerated Analytics collects, analyzes, and reports POS and EDI 852 data for domestic and international brands in the DIY / Home & Hardware, Beauty, Fashion, and Consumer Products spaces. Since 2003, the business analysts, data engineers, and project managers at Accelerated Analytics have provided robust reporting solutions for product manufacturers, importers, and brand representatives around the globe. For more information, visit http://www.AcceleratedAnalytics.com.

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