202130 Jul

A Look Inside VeSyMAs Quarter Car Models


But in short this means: • We have quarter car interfaces defining fundamental parameters and connections which are common to all models. But when the vehicle dynamics are important, the quarter car model should contain components representative of the physical linkage, like the VeSyMA-Suspensions multibody double wishbone example below. A basic multibody model like the double wishbone example above requires the following data for accurate representation of the physical system: • Mass and inertia properties of the components These values may come from CAD or measurements, depending where you are in the development process. However if you lack the details of the quarter car components, but do know the kinematic relationship between the vehicle and hub, you could use the table based model available in VeSyMA-Suspensions. • Kinematic tests with and without the wheel fitted, as shown beneath I hope this quick tour of the quarter car modelling in the VeSyMA suite of libraries has given you a feel for the options available.

Source: Claytex