202130 Jul

Cooperation between Moxa Europe and Robotron


They have combined their activities in the field of Industrial IoT and, effective immediately, are preparing complete solutions that lead to quickly installed, easy-to-operate and broadly scalable IIoT platforms. The first projects have already been implemented here: using affordable IIoT hardware and innovative data analysis and visualisation, insights into the distribution network can be generated that were previously only possible with considerably more expensive traditional solutions. Hermann Berg, Head of Industrial IoT at Moxa Europe: "The collaboration with Robotron puts us in the position of also being able to very confidently offer complex IIoT projects with high requirements on software and cloud technology." Michael Baling, Head of Division Industry at Robotron, said: “With the broad industrial-grade and robust portfolio from Moxa, we have found a partner to whom we can simply leave discussions regarding topics such as environmental requirements, longevity, and hardware-based security. In the area of logistics as well, Moxa – together with the German distribution partner Sphinx Computer – has relieved us of all complexity, allowing us to concentrate fully on our core competencies of software and data analysis."

Source: Electronicspecifier