202112 May
How to Successfully Take Over a Long-Standing Recruitment Client
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Taking over a warm recruitment desk can be a real treat, as you can start winning jobs immediately without having to lay any groundwork. Get to know them inside out To show your new client you’re up to the task of managing their account, you need to thoroughly understand their business and recruitment needs before you have that initial call. You could also run a Google news search to see if there have been any notable milestones worth knowing (e.g. did they win any awards recently? Introducing yourself in this way gives you the chance to wow the client with your expert knowledge, experience and background, which can put them at ease knowing that you have the expertise to handle their recruitment needs. If you say you’ll call them at a certain time, make sure you do it • Never overpromise – it might seem like a good idea to impress them in the beginning but underdelivering is a sure-fire way to dismantle the relationship.

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