202130 Apr
About industrial gateways and why you should monitor them with PRTG
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With PRTG, we offer a solution that enables the integration of IoT scenarios beyond standard IT monitoring through a well-documented API and support for various protocols such as MQTT, Modbus, OPC-UA or JSON. A combination of role and authorization systems and flexible notification options ensures that alarms are noticed by responsible people in the shortest possible time. Customizable maps and dashboards additionally visualize errors and faults, which enables targeted problem solving and reduces troubleshooting time. If the defined schedule is followed, the maintenance measures could be too early or too late - where the latter can mean the failure of a machine or plant and have financial consequences. Our OPC UA, Modbus, and MQTT sensors allow us to "speak OT", while providing all relevant IT protocols like SNMP, WMI, REST, and SSH within the same product.

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