202130 Apr
Eurotech and Exosite announce an IIoT partnership
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ESF allows edge computing capabilities like filtering, aggregation and analysis of specific data coming from IoT devices, and provides a wide set of field protocol libraries (including, but not limited to Modbus, OPC-UA and S7) to allow maximum integrability and flexibility of gateways to interface with sensors and other devices. The ESF Wires feature allows the building of data pipelines for the visual programming of IoT and edge computing applications. Exosite enables the manufacturers, system integrators, and distributors to quickly build and deploy connected products or add software to existing offerings through no-coding IIoT solutions like ExoSense, a condition monitoring application that provides operational insight into industrial assets and systems. “By combining Eurotech’s and Exosite’s technologies, we can offer our customers an integrated IoT solution that can be set up in minutes, and can scale to a large production deployment with multiple connectivity options at the edge and advanced applications at the cloud level” commented Dean Lazzara, Eurotech’s Senior Director of Marketing. “We are excited to collaborate with Eurotech on an end-to-end IoT solution bundle,” added Steve VanderSanden, COO, Exosite.

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