202104 Mar
Monite, Interview With Co-Founder and CEO Ivan Maryasin
General News

At that time Andrey Korchak led the tech team at Tochka Bank, the biggest SME neobank in Eastern Europe, and just finished building a super-app for freelancers with integrated tax & accounting service. Monite aims to solve this problem and combines accounting and admin tools in one platform, saving time and significantly reducing costs. We are very lucky to have such a strong combination of investors on board – some bringing more company building expertise and some providing us with unique SME market insights and the network. • Monite replaces 10+ tools saving entrepreneurs 50% of time and costs they spend today on admin & accounting • We built the whole platform with 2 devs on bootstrap. At the same time, with the next financing round we’re planning to tackle the bigger European market and integrate more 3rd party offerings into the product, such as loans, factoring, insurance, and more.

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