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• Incompatibility and Compliance violations – if your website deals with any 3rd party integrations (like payment gateways, social media connect, marketing automation tools, etc.) Following the API-first approach, Drupal 9 allows the best-in-class integration with latest technologies (React, Angular, Vue and many more) making it flexible enough to handle more ambitious projects in the future.Drupal 9 architecture is very convenient for building headless applications. With the use of built-in core module JSON API now developers can easily choose headless Content Management System (CMS) with a custom front end that integrates via APIs with emerging channels (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Assistants, Bots, etc).The advantages of “API-First” approach for business are: • d. Scale to ‘N’ numbers of platforms and devices • Content Moderation WorkflowFor any business website, if the content is updated on a regular basis, a requirement comes into the picture – “Maker and Checker Process”. The findings of the “Drupal Admin UX Survey” have been incorporated into the Claro theme to minimize pain points for editors and decision makers.Acquia Cohesion – The simplest and fastest path to design and launch the sites. Acquia Cohesion a low-code site builder tool with a dynamic UI that makes it easier than ever for non-developers to shape experiences on the front end.

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