202124 Feb
Data centres enhanced with accelerated Alveo SmartNICs
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SmartNICs will play a critical role in the VMware Cloud Foundation architecture by giving customers a unified management, security, and resiliency model that spans both bare metal and virtualised environments where the composability of Xilinx Alveo SN1000 SmartNICs will provide a flexible, integrated, and qualified solution for customers,” said Lee Caswell, Vice President of Marketing, VMware Cloud Platform Business Unit “Today’s software-defined data centre demands flexibility and scalability to meet the ever-changing needs of customer workloads. • DeepAI is delivering AI training at the edge on Alveo accelerators with up to a 10x performance per cost advantage compared to GPU-based solutions. AAT, implemented on Alveo accelerator cards, provides a modular design that includes all the necessary components for an end-to-end, low-latency trading solution. Xilinx Adapt is a virtual technology series highlighting key trends and advancements in the data centre, 5G, software & AI, automotive and Vivado. The events provide an opportunity for developers and ecosystem partners to connect with Xilinx experts and industry leaders with a program of presentations, forums, product trainings and labs.

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