202115 Jan
Oqton Inc. raises over $40M Series A
Funding Rounds
202115 Jan
$40MSeries A

The founding team (Samir Hanna and Ben Schrauwen) and several angel investors, including Carl Bass (former CEO Autodesk), Dries Buytaert (Drupal and Acquia), and Peter Mercelis (Layerwise) also participated in the round. The financing will be used to further develop its platform, while expanding its commercial partnerships in multiple domains and verticals (Additive manufacturing, Robotic welding, CNC machining). Users can automatically capture expert knowledge and eliminate repetitive tasks, access technologies remotely and across multiple sites, and optimize production planning to improve utilization and quality. We truly think the time has come for the manufacturing space to embrace the cloud and we are working hard to facilitate this.” This funding round coincides with the announcement that Ben Schrauwen, Oqton’s CTO, will be taking over as CEO. Both Samir Hanna and Ben Schrauwen are serial entrepreneurs, previously at Autodesk together, where they spent 10 and 4 years respectively in senior executive positions before founding Oqton.

  • AI & Machine learning
  • Manufacturing
  • Anti Piracy
  • Engineering & Scientific