202025 Nov
iFactory One 4-in-1 Conveyor Belt 3D Printer Kickstarter
Funding Rounds
202025 Nov

Credits go to William Steele, Brook Drumm, and Zechy Coyte-King for helping iFactory to release their first affordable open source belt 3D Printer in 2018 on Thingiverse. iFactory3D will also support you on that journey, by providing a commercial exchange platform for files and services amongst owners of the iFactory One with external customers. IFactory are using a modified OctoPrint on the included Raspberry Pi Model A3+ for local and remote access via the cloud, for PrinterGUARD, and also for the touchscreen interface. This means that if you open the box and observe any issue with the printer, you can contact iFactory’s quality control, and they will guide you through the rest of the process. For now, we think that simplicity, affordability, and innovation are the leading features of the iFactory One infinite Z 3D printer that will thrust into the 3D world.

  • Call Center Management
  • Speech recognition
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Computer Utilities
  • Accounting and Taxes