202024 Nov
Generational Knowledge: the Importance of AI Education
General News

“AI will change 100 percent of jobs in the next 10 years, in all sectors,” said Kellie Lauth, Chief Executive Officer and President of mindSpark Learning, a nonprofit that provides professional development for educators. Such integration will be the critical element in bettering human life, promising healthcare that is personalized to the individual, workplaces made impeccably streamlined with accidents near-eradicated and mobility revolutionized with the realization of autonomous travel in the form of self-driving cars. AI4K12 is an initiative of leading computer scientists that have identified five big ideas that are essential for students to understand AI: • Perception: how the technology will see its environment (whether through a sensor, through data etc.) Even if students are lacking knowledge of more technical programming skills, the ability to recognize problems and implement AI to generate solutions that are more efficient, safer or simply improved, would make these future workers valuable assets within organizations. Vice-President of International Marketing at VIA, Richard Brown, stated at the product’s launch that ‘it’s never been more important for schools worldwide to equip their students with a theoretical and practical knowledge of how these technologies work and how they can be applied’.

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