202013 Aug
Free to grab: A Total War Saga: TROY
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TROY explores this legendary conflict from both the Greek and Trojan perspectives, peeling back the layers of myth and legend to reveal the realities that may have inspired them. Only for this August 13, those who have an account in the Epic Games store, will be able to claim their free copy of the recently released Total War Saga: Troy. The long-awaited new installment of the Creative Assembly saga celebrates its premiere this Thursday around the world not with a promotion, but with the possibility of obtaining the game forever at no cost. Inspired by the famed creatures of Greek myth, you can call mythic units to your aid in the heat of battle, including fighters that resemble the Minotaur, the Cyclops, Giants and Centaurs. Fight to save or conquer the kingdom of Troy as one of eight iconic heroes, including the infamous warrior Achilles, noble protector Hector, wayward prince Paris and vengeful king Menelaus Head over to Epic Games Store or navigate to the game in their launcher before August 14th 2020, add the game to your cart and checkout.

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