202224 Nov

Alt Text: New Accessibility Metadata Fields in Photo Mechanic


Desrosiers says: Assistive technologies help people with vision, cognitive, and motor impairments navigate the web. At this point, there is a well-established legal precedent that recognizes websites as places of public accommodation under the American with Disabilities Act. See the documentation: Accessibility preferences Information entered into those fields in Photo Mechanic is added to the standard IPTC image metadata and available for any other application that uses IPTC metadata, like Adobe InDesign, Bridge, and Illustrator, as well as WordPress publishing tools like Media Library Assistant. If you have a spreadsheet of filenames and Alt Text descriptions that you need to apply to a large group of files, you can use Photo Mechanic and the Code Replacement feature to do that. With this build update, we’re very excited to make Photo Mechanic an even more useful tool for adding, editing, and managing metadata, now including the important accessibility fields Alt Text and Extended Description.

Source: Camerabits