202206 Jun

Yamaha introduces new black and white versions to the THR30II Wireless guitar amp


Now available in three colours, the 30-watt Yamaha THR30II Wireless amplifier brings realistic tube amp tone and feel to your desktop and beyond. “Design has always been an important part of the THR story,” says Dave Miner, Product Marketing Manager, Yamaha Guitar Group. “When creating amplifiers that address the ways in which guitarists play at home, we wanted to offer products that fit both physically and aesthetically in those spaces. “We now provide a choice of colours for the THR30II Wireless amplifier so that even more guitarists can find the perfect match for their personal style. “This is the first time we’ve offered a THR in multiple colours, and it’s another way in which we’re celebrating 10 years of THR.” Head to Yamaha for more information.

Source: Mixdownmag