202211 May

How To Use Containers to Improve Embedded Software Development


Whether the implementations involve specialized hardware, software or a combination of the two, VMs provide the functionality needed to execute fully isolated, platform-independent operating systems. The Most Common Container Use Cases A great way to build, test, deploy and redeploy applications across multiple environments, containers require less system resources than traditional hardware or virtual machine environments and provide increased portability, more consistent operation, greater efficiency and improved application development. Additional benefits of using containers to create consistent environments for embedded software toolchains include: • A single setup that works on every computer. Plus, any changes made going forward are tracked in the source code revision tool, and the steps are conspicuous so any other developer can understand why the toolchain is built the way it is. If you still need help understanding why containers are the future of software development — or if your team requires assistance to bring your embedded system to life — connect with our engineering experts today!

Source: Cardinalpeak