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ISVWorld Hot 250 companies

ISVWorld ranks all ISVs per main segment its Taxonomy to identify the 250 hottest companies per segment, ranked by “Hot Score”. This ranking is refreshed every month and is a blended rank based on the following data:

  • ISVWorld Growth Score©: ISVWorld calculates 6 month and 12 month historic growth as well as short term and long term projected growth scores per ISV. These scores are corrected for size and result in a single growth score per ISV.
  • ISVWorldScore©: A blended score per ISV of growth scores above as well as portfolio profile, alexa data, login volumes and more.
  • ISVWorldNews Score©: looks at news frequency for the ISV over last 3, last 6, last 12 and last 24 months.
  • ISVWorldFunding Score©:Looks at the number of funding rounds, the total aggregated funding amounts, the typeof funding rounds, measured over last 3, last 6, last 12 and last 24 months.

Segment Demographics

Recent News

Funding Rounds Graphs

Date Type Raised
202426 Mar
Others $10.89M
202415 Mar
Others $1M
202412 Mar
Others $500M
202412 Mar
Series B $29M
202408 Mar
Others $600M
202414 Feb
Seed $5M
202416 Jan
Others $5B
202321 Dec
Others $275.16K
202314 Dec
Others $340M
202328 Nov
Seed $5.5M
202320 Nov
Series C $75M
202316 Nov
Seed $6.4M
202320 Oct
Others $26.29M
202305 Oct
Series A $10M
202321 Sep
Series A $10M
202312 Sep
Seed $7M
202331 Aug
Seed $2.7M
202331 Aug
Others $4.7M
202329 Aug
Others $20M
202328 Jun
Series A $12.1M
Total Value