202212 Apr

MentorcliQ Study Finds US Fortune 500 Companies with Mentoring Programs Out-Perform those without During Pandemic


Nearly 20 years ago, a report published in the journal Human Resource Development Quarterly revealed that 70% of Fortune 500 companies use mentoring as part of their talent strategy. As companies assess their employee development strategies and turn to data as proof of success, 20-year-old stats become a poor foundation for establishing the value of mentoring. This new 2022 report brings this story forward, revealing a vast majority (84%) of Fortune 500 companies now use mentoring programs, a substantial increase over the commonly-cited “70%” statistic. “We’ve built our approach based on the proven value of mentoring for corporations — and this study only further validates the impact of these programs,” said Gracey Cantalupo, Chief Marketing Officer at MentorcliQ. MentorcliQ powers innovative talent strategies for global Fortune 1000 and DiversityInc Top 50 organizations who are building inclusive cultures and delivering unmatched employee engagement, development and retention through mentoring.

Source: Prweb