202229 Mar

Scispot launches Labsheets™ to create digital and automated workflows for life science labs


Labsheets™ is a no-code relational database product exclusively designed for life science labs in order to support all of their data management, sample tracking, audit trail, automated report creation, and integration needs. With Labsheets™, Scispot strives to empower life science labs and help them reduce the time they spend managing data in spreadsheets, allowing lab professionals to design and automate their workflows and bring their scientific breakthroughs to market faster. Below are some of the popular use cases of Labsheets: • Design applications with a no-code spreadsheet interface to manage and automate your resources – inventory, sample, and equipment • Compare data from various sheets graphically through customizable dashboards • Collaborate with research partners by setting up datarooms • Set up custom alerts (e.g., equipment maintenance, reordering thresholds, etc.) to stay on top of your lab • Transfer data to and from your internal legacy LIMS or any 3rd-party apps • Automate and templatize repetitive lab processes such as product re-ordering and report creation Labsheets™ offers one-click scientific integrations with hundreds of 3rd-party apps, developer toolkit and a no-code feature library. To get a sneak preview of Labsheets™ in action, book a demo and join Scispot in their mission to make digitalization and workflow automation possible for every life science lab on this planet.

Source: Prweb