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Xata Raises $30M to Launch a Serverless Database With the Usability of a Spreadsheet | Xata Blog


All of these features are available in conjunction with a beautiful and natural user interface (UI) that feels like a simple spreadsheet, but is capable of inter-table relationships and more. Erica was recently COO at GitHub and co-founder of Bitnami, while Erin has worked previously at Palantir and serves on the boards of companies like Strapi and ClickHouse. Erica and Erin are some of the most capable and impressive people we have met, and we are beyond excited to be working closely together towards creating a game changing database experience for the mass market. This worked well for a while, but we’ve found Airtable to be rather limited in the amount of data we could store, as well as lacking more developer-centric functionality like transactions and constraints, which would greatly benefit our non-profit. While we are extremely excited about our growth as a company, we cannot finish this blog post without acknowledging the current heartbreaking humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine.

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Mar 08 2022