202228 Feb

CRM Watchlist 2022: And the winners are...


The company has to be well-rounded: it has financial stability, solid management, excellent products and services, superb culture, and a strong partner ecosystem to help sustain its efforts. Another thing: While I do independent research on each qualifying candidate and also take note of how much I have run across them during the year, ultimately its the quality of the submission that counts. Sadly, I have no way to see the impact two or three years out when I dont even know how your new management team or new CEO is going to perform in their new environment, or you gave me no discernible proof of the results of your bold move into a new market. Clearly, this Watchlist was impacted greatly by COVID and thus the questionnaire not only had a specific response to the pandemic question but implied a much more important weight being placed on what each company was doing for the greater good. And its a problem for all of us • How a digital cold war with Russia threatens the IT industry • The best DNS blockers and firewalls: Secure your home or office network • "…one step beyond omnichannel (NOTE: This was a common statement).

Source: Zdnet