202209 Feb

Web Design Trends to Watch in 2022


Expectations were high, but we found ourselves doing a lot of things that felt eerily familiar – working from home, binge-watching the latest Netflix release, ordering yet another sweatsuit online (...but maybe that’s just me). This means the prevalence of elements like custom illustrations, standout typography, and layouts that put a unique spin on the standard grid. Law firms use icons to represent practice areas, nonprofits use them to highlight programs or projects, B2B companies leverage them to draw attention to services, and so on. This approach to the masthead area offers design flexibility and lends itself to the fluid layouts that are a big part of the “clean and modern” website aesthetic. That means incorporating best practices for user-experience, accessibility, and SEO and assessing technical efficiency with tools like Google Page Speed Insights and Core Web Vitals.

Source: Newmediacampaigns