202215 Jan

SQL is the most long lasting skill in tech


In January 2020, right before COVID hit, a question popped up at the HackerNews front page: "which technology is worth learning in 2020?" Theres so much "fancy" stuff out there: K8S, Redis clusters, "web scale" NoSQL engines and other rock-star agile next-gen hotness. But lets get back to SQL... A couple of years ago we exceeded a thousand customers just for the SaaS version of our help desk product. These numbers make me lose my sleep, but all this data (including the full-text search) lives in a single SQL database, which is spinning on an average quad-core machine, that is way less powerful than my gaming laptop. With index tuning, proper partitioning, constant "execution plan" analysis, caching etc... you help us create wonderful things.

Source: Jitbit