202214 Jan

Working its magic, code refactoring platform Sourcery closes $1.75 million in seed funding


Founded in 2018, Sourcery’s goal is clear: to put a sizeable dent in the 4.9 billion hours a year that developers waste dealing with, shall we say, sub-standard code. By remaining a few steps ahead of the developer, Sourcery reads and understands the code being worked upon and suggests cleaner, improved versions to replace it. Not only does this method cut down on technical debt and a reduction in time spent on manual code review, but it also serves to increase the speed of future development. And there’s no need for developers to give up the ghost in the preferred development platform, as Sourcery’s magic bag of tools currently integrates directly into Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, Sublime, Vim, Emacs, and GitHub, and/or into a company’s CI/CD pipeline. This magic hasn’t gone unnoticed, as Sourcery reports over 7,000 developers making their way through the shop on a monthly basis, with household names including Sky, Microsoft, Amazon, and LinkedIn all benefiting from what the company has on offer.

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Jan 14 2022