202214 Jan

Why Today’s Cable Networks Need Effective Data Management


Distributed access architectures (DAAs) and passive optical networks (PONs) have long since been a part of the digital transformation roadmap for cable operators. With a record number of people continuing to work remotely, and demand for streamed entertainment in the home reaching an all-time high, the cable industry is now racing toward virtualized, cloud native environments to manage traffic and meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market. DAA works because it removes all the hardware components from hubs, but in order to completely solve this puzzle operators will need to migrate to a system where the management, data and video planes are all virtualized. Meeting the rapidly evolving requirements of a subscriber that are more mobile and agile than ever before is going to be an enormous challenge for operators, but everything points to virtualization as being central to progress in every conceivable way. And when combined with a data management solution, capacity allocation can be made even more streamlined and dynamic, improving service and reducing cable operators’ dependency on hardware – all while facilitating a leaner, greener approach to connectivity.

Source: Owmobility