202214 Jan

Series 6: Episode 2 – Raspberry Pi for Industrial Automation


In this week’s podcast, Charlotte Morgan talks to Sfera Labs’ Ulderico Arcidiaco, Co-Founder, CEO and Lead Hardware Engineer; and Giampiero Baggiani, Co-Founder and head of Software Development about Sfera’s recently-released product: Iona RP and its utilisation of Raspberry Pi’s technology. This episode involves discussions of the benefits and hardware software design considerations that went into the manufacture of Iona RP, which (to quote Sfera’s website) is a versatile and compact I/O (input-output) module. Ulderico Arcidiaco and Giampiero Baggiani also focus on Iona RPs core – namely the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller (MCU), and how the combination of this MCU and Sfera Labs’ design philosophy has achieved a dynamic module with a variety of applications. One particular benefit of the utilisation of Raspberry Pi, as Sfera Labs explain, is that it means "using a platform users already know". To listen to this information and more, click here to play the podcast.

Source: Electronicspecifier