202214 Jan

Bundle with 10GigE Oryx camera & Myricom camera


High bandwidth 10GigE applications like fast moving inspection lines, sports analytics and volumetric capture can put tremendous strain on host PC’s - resulting in reliability issues (dropped packets), high CPU usage, and high latency. The new Oryx 10GigE camera + Myricom card bundle is a customised and affordable solution designed to deliver high reliability and high performance. The custom Myricom driver for Spinnaker SDK ensures image data is transferred to host PC’s without dropped frames, while the built-in frame completion notification and packet resend feature further reduces latency and improves reliability (as demonstrated in our tests). The custom driver devoted to handling data provided by the Myricom card also reduces CPU loads to a fraction of what typical setups use, particularly useful in improving overall reliability and performance of high-resolution multi-camera setups

Source: Electronicspecifier