202213 Jan

The Launch of Arc: The Founder-Friendly Fintech Platform That’s Helping Startups Grow | Arc - Helping startups grow


Prior to business school, Nick and I worked in private equity & investment banking in New York, collectively raising tens of billions of dollars of capital to finance mature, late-stage companies. At the same time, offline and bureaucratic banks with outdated underwriting policies and limited bandwidth are structurally unable to serve earlier stage opportunities. Arc offers a modern financing solution that improves data access and underwriting efficiency and provides the seamless user experience that software founders have come to expect everywhere outside of capital raising. Where traditional financial institutions deploy hundreds of analysts to manually underwrite transactions, Arc uses technology to algorithmically price the risk inherent in startup financing. APIs offer real-time access to financials, machine learning enhances data value, and cloud analytics unlock scalable, automated processes.

Source: Arc