202202 Jan

Excel Software Ships WinA&D 8.1 and WinTranslator 4.1 Software Design Tools


WinA&D integrates requirements management, system and software design, code generation and report building. It presents crisper UI controls on 4K monitors and a highly compressed project format. From the master calendar, flip through each month to review the holidays, weekends, vacations and scheduled activities of all employees. The project dictionary is populated with design details like data types, method arguments, descriptive comments and links from model objects to associated source code.WinTranslator supports many programming languages and dialects. Use a step-by-step dialog to quickly identify code folders, programming language and options to document an unfamiliar project.- UML Class Models from Visual Basic, Xojo, RealBasic, C++, C#, PHP, Java, Delphi or Ada.- Rich Data Models with Indexes, Triggers, Primary and Foreign Keys from SQL Schema.- Structure Charts from Procedural C, Pascal, Basic, PHP or Fortran.- Multi-Level Diagrams with Objects Linked to Associated Source Code for Browsing.- Data Types, Arguments, Namespaces and Comments Captured from Code.- Project Scalability to Millions of Code Lines Across Thousands of Files and Folders.- Automated Structure Chart Generation from Source Code for Each Thread of Execution.WinA&D 8.1 and WinTranslator 4.1 runs on Windows 7 to 11.

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